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Torstraßen Festival 2015

We celebrate the 5th anniversary of Torstraßen Festival. And because we can’t wait too long we have moved things forward to the 13th and 14th of June. 2 days of Torstraßen Festival… On Saturday everything will run much like in the last years but for Sunday we’re planning something very special – Please mark your calendars and hang on for further updates!

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Torstraßen Festival '14

Torstraßen Festival is returning for it’s fourth year! This time on Saturday the 30th of August, 2014 in numerous locations on and around Torstraße in Berlin-Mitte. We see ourselves and our festival goers as explorers, who are not afraid to trust their curiosity instead of big headliners. We strive to be a forum for current and relevant development within Berlin’s music scenes: for locals, transients and their influencers.

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OHA AHO live in LE!

Live: OHA AHO 12. Sept 20 Uhr, Conhanhop DJs: Fog Pum + SpatzHabibi, Goldhorn Eisenbahnstraße 97, Leipzig

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All over instrumentals.

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Abstract bowl for all my unlistened, audible bookmarks.

Collected in the first half of the year 2014.

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A mixtape just for beats and lyrics.

My personal collection of songs and mixtape online available dedicated to the hip hop roots, beats and poetic lyrics.

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